Welcome to "kopelix" - a collection of high-quality, one-of-a-kind NFTs featuring abstract paintings and virtual gaming characters. All our pieces are minted on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-1155 standard and hosted on IPFS for secure and reliable storage. Own a unique digital masterpiece today!

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What is NFT?

The advantages of NFTs stand out in several aspects when compared to traditional works of art or other assets:

Proof of Ownership: NFTs provide definitive proof of ownership as they are unique and singular thanks to blockchain technology. This helps buyers make sure they are the original owners of their artwork or other property.

Worldwide Reach: NFTs are accessible and transferable worldwide as they are digital assets. This allows art collectors and investors to gain access to different art markets around the world.

Easily Traceable: Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions of an NFT become traceable and traceable. This helps both buyers and sellers view an NFT's history and previous owners.

Unlimited Creativity: Unlike traditional works of art, NFTs allow creators to have unlimited freedom in the digital world. This allows for more diverse and innovative artworks to emerge.

Investment Potential: NFTs can be viewed as an investment vehicle that can generate a potential return for investors. An NFT investment can offer a high return potential, especially as prices in the art markets are rising.

For these reasons, NFTs can provide many advantages to buyers and can be seen as a valuable investment vehicle.

What is Kopelix's Vision?

Our aim is to introduce the "kopelix" brand among the world's leading digital content and NFT producers and to help those who invest in the digital products we produce gain both material and moral value.

Our slogan:

"One for all, all for one"

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Examples from our collection

Some examples of our painting and virtual game figure collection have been added to our website! For more visit our Opensea page and purchase our unique NFTs.

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